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Ambient Light


Yesterday evening, I was sitting in my living room.  I glanced up at my windows and thought “What in the…..”  I jumped up and opened the front door.   The setting sun was reflecting off some heavily loaded rain clouds.  Colorful sunsets are not unusual where I live, but this time it was different.  The colors reflected off the clouds and cast an odd ambient light on the surroundings.  The effect made me feel like I was IN the sunset, not just looking at it from afar.  The orange had a slight greenish tinge to it and the air felt heavy.  It felt like something BAD was going to happen.  The fact that my neighborhood had been the epicenter of a small earthquake a few hours before did not help my unsettled mood.  However, the clouds blew off, this morning all is clear, bright and blue, and everything is well in my world.   My guess is that an unstable weather system coupled with a lot of particulate matter from the brush fires we had earlier in the week had set up this light show.

I grabbed my ipod camera and shot these images.  The colors on these have not been enhanced.



ljg (c) 2013


7 thoughts on “Ambient Light

  1. My goodness, you’d never guess they were sky! I wonder how many people stopped to enjoy it, Lori. I recall a friend driving me home once, facing west–and I said, “Wow this is really going to be spectacular.” She never gave it a glance. About 10 minutes later half my neighbors were out on their porches.

  2. wonderful colours. Sometimes the sky really puts on a show

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