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Turning Right

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My intention today was to photograph at a local botanical garden.   I had been planning to do this for quite a while and was waiting for a sunny spring day.  Today seemed like it would be that day.  However, as I was driving towards the garden, on a whim I made a right turn instead of a left and ended up on the edge of a rocky point overlooking the Pacific.  The point is a popular place for whale-watching enthusiasts who spend hours watching and counting marine mammals.

the watchers

The group seemed to be looking in the same direction with their scopes.  I tried to discreety come behind each watcher as she or he intently scanned the ocean. I was not successful in seeing anything they were seeing (of course, I did not have a scope of any sort). All of a sudden, the members of the group got excited. “There she is!” one called out. “I see the calf,” said another.  A woman quickly scratched something in a notebook.

I trained my eyes on the patch of water.  Then I saw a dark gray hump emerge a few inches above the surface and blow a few white frothy bubbles.  I am amazed at the keen eyes and the patient dedication of these watchers.  I would have missed this if I had not been watching where the watchers watched.

theres a whale in this pictureTrust me:  there is a whale cow and her calf right under the surface smack in the middle of this picture.

I watched for a while longer and then decided that I would leave the watchers to what appears to be a form of meditation for them.   Before I left, I took a shot of their tally board.

tally boardI don’t know why I came here today.  The garden would  have been lovely.  The garden, though, in all its beauty, is still a human-made thing.  Today I think I needed to go someplace where wild things lived.  I needed to see the untamed.  Let’s face it: this April was not a great month for the world situation in general and a lot of people in particular — (Boston, Texas, Syria, Bangladesh to name a few).   Watching this whale mother and her baby migrate north to Alaska as her ancestors have done for thousands and thousands of years filled me with a great deal of comfort.

In spite of the human-created chaos around us, some things are constant.

pt vicente in bloomljg (c) 2013


One thought on “Turning Right

  1. I’m glad you turned right, Lori. What a lovely insight.

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