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Early Bird or Night Owl

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Sleeping Dryad

When I looked at some of the responses to this prompt, I was surprised to see so many posts from “early birds”.  I think the general stereotype of writers and other creatives is that we are all coffee drinking night owls when we pursue our craft or art.

Personally, I am an early bird and most of my best work is done from about 4 to 6 a.m.   My guess is that I am most in touch with my unconscious mind just after waking and thus in tune with my creative self.  Or maybe it is just a habit I got into when I was furiously working The Artist Way program.

Whatever the reason, it works for me.  Today is an exception though:  it is 6:30 am.  Well, it’s a Saturday after all and I slept in.

Image:  “Sleeping Dryad” (c) 2012

ljg, 2013



One thought on “Early Bird or Night Owl

  1. love your sleeping dryad image

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