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An Apology


pencilI want to take this opportunity to apologize for yesterday’s post.

For the last couple of weeks my posts have been particularly uninspired, in my opinion — although many of you left kind comments and many “likes”.   But I know most of these posts were not my best efforts.  I have been relying on image responses.   Visual expressions are easier for me than writing.  I am proud of my images, but the purpose of this blog is to experiment in art, photography and writing.   I have not been giving you my best effort in that department.

I have been dutifully making my posts because most of the experts on writing and creativity say to persevere even if you don’t feel like it.  I have been relying on the Daily Post to provide me with prompts.  Yesterday’s prompt was on “Escape”, and I scraped the bottom of the barrel in an attempt to “persevere” and make a post.   I wrote one sentence and then tossed up a Youtube video clip.

So if you came to my blog yesterday, I am so, so sorry for wasting you time.

Today’s Daily Post prompt is to write about a physical sensation that transports us to our childhood.  This is a such a basic exercise.   Yet, I cannot write on this.  This is so remarkable to me that I had to sit back and ask myself why I can’t pull off such a simple task.  Then I had this revelation: My posts have been so lack-luster because I am not persevering through the right thing.  I have determined that it is not about persevering in the physically act of writing.  Actually, it is all about “issues”.  There are things going on in my life that are diverting energy from my creative endeavors.  It is that simple.   I have got to push through some strong currents in my life first.

The perseverance that we as creatives must exercise is not in sitting down and physically doing the task of writing.  It is persevering through the interior issues.  When we get through those icky, nasty things going on in our lives, then the act of writing will take care of itself.

I am reminded of a line in the movie Eat, Pray, Love where Richard from Texas says to Liz, “You want to get to the castle, Groceries? You’ve got to swim the moat.”

There’re a lot of crocs in my moat.

ljg 2013


7 thoughts on “An Apology

  1. Hi Lori you make some interesting observations. I have never particularly adhered to the premise that just writing for the sake of writing accomplishes anything (except sometimes just to get going). It’s a bit like that old expression that someone talks just to hear the sound of their own voice. I admire your wisdom and courage (and your skills as both writer and artist). Those crocs don’t stand a chance. Prayers and blessings, Barbara

  2. Wow. Yes, I get this. Lori, your clarity and honesty on this are a very good thing. I told someone recently that I wasn’t writing because my heart just wasn’t in it. They told me to write where my heart was, then. And while the products of that are not something I am willing to share with others, that is at least working. Fight those crocs, Lori.

  3. I sometimes do blog challenges because I am bored and/or worried I haven’t blogged for a while but those posts are always limp and uninspired. I looked at my blog a couple of weeks ago and saw the last few posts were just photos from my archives and there was no creative writing. Since then I’ve been trying to make my blog more varied. Sometimes I feel like a performing monkey when I respond to endless challenges without much thought or emotional involvement. I’ve decided to become more authentic as a blogger and not do challenges just for the sake of it. That’s my goal anyway. I still sometimes backslide and put up mediocre posts. I’m finding when I do that I get fewer ‘likes’ and no comments. That tells me that, once again, I have erred on the side of quantity over quality.

  4. Although I thoroughly enjoyed your post yesterday–“Jurassic Park” is one of my favorite movies–I wholeheartedly agree with your point here. For the last two years I’ve been facing my own “crocs,” and it’s been a chore dodging them.(Heck, I didn’t wanna be eaten!) But then something changed. I don’t know how, but somewhere within I found the strength to face a few of my crocs and have managed to begin persevering (swimming) past them. I totally believe that our desire to write well, to write to the best of our ability will come soon enough.

  5. Lori,
    At least you are blogging and doing something…unlike me who has been just reading everyone else’s for the past year. I love that you can be so objective about yourself and your posts. You are awesome!

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