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Future Tense


When I look to the sky I cannot help but look to the future.  When I was a kid, it was all about the space race, and the future was in stars.

Riding on that feeling, I took an astronomy course in college way back then — when Pluto was still a planet and going to the moon was still fresh and new.

I had access to a reflector telescope with a motor drive. I borrowed my dad’s 35 mm slr, mounted it to the eyepiece of the telescope, and I opened it up for a very long exposure. Fortunately, I was able to synchronize the telescope’s motor to perfectly track the moon in order to keep my long exposure from turning into a big old blur.

Here is one of those photos I took.   That moon is still looking back at me and calling me to the future…..

the moon by me -- ljg

LJG (c) 2013

Prompted by the Daily Post Photo Challenge of the Week

5 thoughts on “Future Tense

  1. Nice work, Lori. I remember those days, as well–they were exciting times! I still love looking at the moon.

  2. Fantastic image. I remember reading my dad’s Popular Mechanics mags in the 60s,and the future looked so bright and shiny. Not quite the same now I’m here.

  3. Great photo! During my time Pluto was still a planet too – how times have changed. Cheers!

  4. What a beautiful photo.

  5. The Daily Post is such a good way of maintaining the daily practice. Great post Lori!

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