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The Daily Post asks “If you could have any author –living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose?”

Since I have never really done anything interesting in my whole life other than work to survive, the author to write about my life would need to be a master of character development.  The first person to come to mind is Barbara Kingsolver.

I propose this author because I am currently reading her latest novel, Flight Behavior.   This novel is very short on action and long on description of the complex internal struggles of the main character:  a young poor Appalachian woman who has never been outside her state and lives only to provide for her children.  The woman has an extraordinary thing happen to her and the bulk of the novel is centered on how she handles this thing and grow beyond her circumstances.  This main character, by most standards, lives a mundane life — as do I — but is moving forward — as I hope to do. Through Ms. Kingsolver’s handling of this character’s life and growth, this woman has become “real” to me.

Maybe this author can make me “real” for others.

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7 thoughts on “Ghostwriter

  1. She’s a fantastic author – she develops rich, beautiful characters that create their own narratives and her writing is beautiful. I’ve only read The Lacuna and The Poisonwood Bible so far but both are among the my favourite books.

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  6. I have not read a thing by her… I need to do so. Your reasoning sounds superb!

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