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Seven Days and a Fistful of Dollars


The Daily Post asks:  “You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.”

Well, here’s the thing:  I can’t tell you about it — yet.  I can’t tell you because I don’t know where I will be.

I can tell you what I would do though.  First, I would take some of that money and rent a decent car for a week.  Then I would just get in it and drive.  Yes, a good old fashioned Road Trip, the kind I used to go on with my parents as a kid.  We never planned vacations.  We never made reservations.  We might have a vague destination in mind like, let’s say, the Grand Canyon or somewhere like that.  But how we got there would be the best fun.

I remember one year we had stopped at a cheese factory in Oregon and took a tour.  Of course my mom had to buy some cheese afterwards.  A couple of days later we found ourselves driving through Mt. Lassen National Park.  The more we drove, the stinkier our car became.  At first we thought it was the smell of sulphur coming from some of the geothermal sites in the park.  Then we started blaming each other for the smell.  Finally, we concluded that one of the cheeses my mother had bought in Oregon was not surviving the trip in the ice chest.   So we stopped along the road and buried it.   My mother hoped that some small animal did not dig it up and get sick from it.

That is just one snippet of memory of an awesome road trip as a kid, stinky cheese and all.

Do I think I can recreate that sort of trip?

Probably not.

I have different interests now.  I would be looking for the unique and unusual, the inspirational and gob-smacking beautiful.  I might go looking for islands in the mists or birds on the wing.    I might get so caught up in it all that I might not come home for a while.

Well, at least not till the money ran out.


flying pelican

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10 thoughts on “Seven Days and a Fistful of Dollars

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  3. Either way it sounds like fun (except for the stinky cheese part).

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  6. Sounds like a great road trip to me. Pat and I would like to do that, too.

  7. I agree- sounds like fun but only if real cheese is involved.

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  9. Yup, the journey is everything, the destination just another starting point…

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