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A Convergence of Energies



I like to think that I can feel the energies of the natural realm, which is comprised not only of the spirit of a place but that of time as well.  No better place for me to feel a convergence of these energies is at the beach at dawn  during the time of the full moon.  It is there and then where I feel a seemingly full dichotomy of energy:  night and morning,  setting moon and rising sun,  land and sea.   Then, as I soak in these energies, for a few sublime moments, the dichotomy disappears and I feel union and absolute balance.

And where there is balance, there is peace.

ljg (c) 2006, 2013  (El Porto Beach, California)

A response to today’s Daily Post prompt.

12 thoughts on “A Convergence of Energies

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  7. I love that; where there’s balance there’s peace. Simple but effective!

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  9. That image is so wonderful, and the words so true.

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