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Spinning Strands at First Light


spinningThe Daily Prompt asks this:  “Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.”

Do a lot of writers really start writing first thing upon waking?  I’m sure some do.  I don’t, but I am amazed and compliment those who can.   My inner critic tells me that my thoughts are not going to be something I want to put to paper.  For example, this morning my first thought was “Oh, crap, I forgot to put the kitchen trash out last night.  I’d better do that before I leave for work or it’s going to smell to high heaven by the time I get home.”

My first thoughts were about stinking garbage.

I suppose a journal entry about garbage could eventually lead to some good polished writing.   Most likely, though, in my case it won’t.   For me, the mundane and ordinary have a different purpose.  They provide the backdrop over which the extraordinary can shine.   When I take the garbage out, will I breathe in the fresh, clean air of a glorious red dawn?    Will I see the raccoon that hangs out by the dumpster?  Will see a beloved friend along the way? What beautiful inspiration will come my way that I can write about?

Looking for the extraordinary things among the mundane is like spinning fine strands out of the tangled fibers of raw wool.  It takes skill and patience, but it can be done.


7 thoughts on “Spinning Strands at First Light

  1. Spinning wool is easier than you think… But that writing on first waking up, yeah, not so much. My first thoughts tend to be things like, “Darn dogs, it’s not time to get up yet.” Or, “I don’t WANT to get up and go to work.” I am SO not a morning person! However, I do like your thoughts about finding inspiration in the ordinary.

    • I will take your word on that. A relative of mine tried to spin yarn out of fibers she brushed off a pet angora rabbit. It was difficult for her and she gave up after a while.

  2. I like writing early in the day. Not first thing of course. I go through the usual muddle of morning thoughts then sit down after breakfast and do some work. I find my inner critic is often still asleep then and I can get work done 🙂

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