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Don’t Kick Yourself Yet


underwood typewriterIf you are like me, you have made a committment to write every day.  EVERY DAY.  If you are like me, you may have to fight the temptation to kick yourself when you don’t actually write every day.

But maybe we don’t have to be so hard on ourselves.   For example, during the business hours of yesterday and today I composed forty pieces of correspondence, some of them quite lengthy (my longest epistle was over 300 words).  That’s writing.

“But,” you say, “that’s WORK writing.  That doesn’t count.”

Well, you would be right in that I will not be polishing my work emails to go into a volume of short stories (though that is an interesting prospect now that I think about it).  But if your goal is to exercise your writing skills, then why not consider that email you are writing to a customer or to a colleague something to craft with great care?   I am not suggesting that you write something flippant or inappropriate that will get you fired, but consider it an exercise to use more descriptive words in your daily routine messages.  Be mindful of your grammar or spelling (I know I must).

Even if you are discussing budgetary concerns or the latest shipment of lighting fixtures to roll of your assembly line, you can attempt to make it a more  interesting, or at least a clearer, expression of your thoughts on a matter.  If you work at home, consider writing that note to your kid’s teacher with a little more care and elegance.

If you don’t have time to write “creatively” in your journal or on your home computer, it can’t hurt to practice the craft of writing in your day-to-day routine if you have that opportunity.



7 thoughts on “Don’t Kick Yourself Yet

  1. Hah! Considering that most of my emails to coworkers consist of three words or less (Done! or Will do!) I suppose I could work a bit harder at this… (Unless they have managed to annoy me. Then all bets are off as to length. The madder I am, the more complex my writing and vocabulary. Just ask my coworker Jim….)

    • Often, I must explain complicated policies and procedures or answer unusual questions or explain why someone must do something or can’t do something. So I end up writing a lot o’words.

      • When I need to do that, I usually either call them or have them come down to my office so I can show them what I am talking about. But I have produced a number of procedures documents, which apparently work, judging by this afternoon. They managed to post to the website and send to the media the announcement about the new UW president even though I was out. I was very impressed with them!

      • I am usually dealing with the public who send me email. Also putting it in writing provides the inquirer with a resource to refer back to.

  2. When you put it this way–I write every single day…if you include texting. Sometimes it takes me a while to compose an email, because I try and choose my words carefully.

  3. It’s a shame the art of letter writing is dead – it kept writing skills on all levels in fine fettle. But emails and chat rooms can also be used more effectively. Good article.

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