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Rosemary and Oranges

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oranges and rosemary small

I did not get outside much this week.  I was trapped in the fluorescent-lit confines of an office from dawn to dusk (literally). By Thursday afternoon, I found myself suffering from a minor case of seasonal affective disorder.  Yes, I was SAD.

Respite came this morning when I found myself with the opportunity to help an elderly person in his garden.  It was a brilliant, pre-spring day.  The sun was out, the grass was a lush and vibrant green from all the mild winter rains, and the sky was a pristine blue.

In return for clearing weeds out the garden,  I was allowed to harvest oranges, lemons, and rosemary to take home.  The sweet, warm smell of the oranges coupled with the resinous fragrance of the rosemary were enough to beat the blues out of me.  Something as simple as sunshine and the smell of growing things to cure what ails you — who knew?

What simple things in your life lift your spirit?

ljg (c) 2013


One thought on “Rosemary and Oranges

  1. Why do scents mean so much to us? It’s interesting.

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