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A Plot O’ Earth


garden june 2012 002 sThe Daily Post’s daily prompt asks what we would do if we were given a plot of earth and unlimited financial resources.

Looking at some other responses to this post, I see that everyone is on the same track:  built a house with a garden.   I’m good with that too.

I would acquire a Craftsmen style home with low hanging eaves, wide porch, warm woods and handcrafted work inside and out.   If I could not find one with a large plot of land in the back, I would have a replica built.  (It’s cool having imaginary money!)


A California Style Craftsman Bungalow

The casual simplicity of the home would be a perfect place to hold my library and a workspace for my creative projects.   Of course, it would have all the latest sustainable home power solutions and a big kitchen and pantry. Oh, and a bathroom spa system.

There would be a big backyard for a garden.  Unlike my real life where I have to go to someone else’s home to work in a garden that just seems to fight against me in terms of labor and final output, in this fantasy life of great financial resource, I would hire a professional landscaper/horticulturalist who would design and plant a garden appropriate for the climate, soil, and positioning of the garden.   My hope would be to have both a flowered area for just sittin’ and sippin’, a vegetable patch, and a special herbal/medicinal section.

That’s all.  I don’t want a pool or tennis courts — well, maybe a small home gym would be nice and maybe a sauna — but that would be it.  Simple, rich, sustainable, a haven from the world.

What would you do with a plot o’ earth and a little money?


8 thoughts on “A Plot O’ Earth

  1. Lovely, Lori. Were I to do this, I would have to stipulate that it would actually be in a climate where a person can grow things that require more than a two-month growing season, though!

    • Well, Jane, you would have unlimited funds so you would just have a climate-controlled structure built in your backyard to ward off the elements for the other 10 months of the year…..

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  3. I have a four square, Craftsman syle homes are wonderful in design and beauty.

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