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Saturday Morning Encounter


This morning I took my camera and my writing journal and went out with no particular destination in mind.  And guess what I encountered?


gargoyle 3 small

gargoyle 2 small

gargoyle 4 small

gargoyle 6 small

Architecturally speaking, though, I think most these are considered Grotesques and not Gargoyles since they appear not to be waterspouts.   Well, they remind me of gargoyles at any rate.

ljg (c) 2013


7 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Encounter

  1. Great photos. What a fascinating thing to encounter in downtown USA. 🙂

  2. Either way, Lori, they’re interesting. You’re in a great area for taking photos–see what happens when you look up, lol. Heather would have us off and running with these pics! BTW–did you ever decide to do anything with your NANO novel, or was it mostly just for the challenge?

  3. Fun is a GOOD thing! Sometimes we forget life invites us to have fun and we keep doing stuff because we tell ourselves we have to. Enjoy!

  4. Great observation and thought of connections. Fran

  5. I love gargoyles – that last one with the lamp is a real find.

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