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Home, Soil and Rain

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I went looking for a quick writing exercise to get things moving today and found this Daily Post prompt from January that pitched this:

Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say …
 . . . home.
. . . soil.
. . . rain.
 Use those words in the title of your post.

I thought I would deviate from this prompt and try to tell a short story incorporating these words.  The protagonist of the story was going to be a woman returning to her childhood home after many years away.  However, I struggled so much trying to find a plot and resolution that I put the idea aside and decided to follow the prompt just the way it is written.

Here are my responses:

Home:   orange, browns, mother, warm, safety.

Soil:  hard, gray, clay, lizards, toads, gardenias, roses, lemons, tomatoes

Rain:  cold, dark, wet socks, diamond droplets on window glass, rainbow

I am struck by the progression of the words.  Each line starts with words that suggest a negative or neutral reaction to the motif.   Then the words progress towards a lighter, more positive embrace of the motif.  For example, “soil” moves from the suggestion of barreness to that of  beauty and fecundity.  I wonder if my resistance to writing a story surrounding the idea of “home”  might mean that I need to work through some issues regarding them.

I wonder how often “issues” have been the source of my past creative blocks.  Hmmm, something to consider.



One thought on “Home, Soil and Rain

  1. We all have issues, and I think you’re right. They provide roadblocks to our creativity. One issue I have is saying goodbye to those I love. I would always cry when saying goodbye to my grandparents.

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