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Puppeteering and Craft of Writing

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One reason I like to write is because I am a control freak.  Where else can I create, express, manipulate, and destroy with impunity?  Where else can I have such total, all-encompassing power without the moral dilemma of actually harming anyone in the process of acquiring and wielding it?

I find in my writing a great deal of therapeutic power.  Whenever I feel that my life is out of my control, I know I can regain a sense of control through the manipulations of my characters and their stories through writing.

I can create my characters and their worlds in complete freedom to make them as beautiful or a dysfunctional as I please.  I can manipulate their lives and circumstances in ways that I could not do, nor would want to do, to people in “real life”.    My characters are like puppets on a string and I can move them here and there.  If I don’t like the way I have made their lives go, I can wrap them up like a puppet and put them away.

I am the ultimate puppeteer.

ljg (c) 2013


One thought on “Puppeteering and Craft of Writing

  1. Yes, I get this.

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