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Some Thoughts on My Writing Space


The Daily Post offers this prompt today:  A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

This is actually a difficult question for me to answer.  So long have I endured the barest, most minimalist of writing spaces:  anywhere with a computer set up and internet connection.

But in thinking about it, I realize that a lot of times I have written before work, during lunch hour, and after work at my “bill-paying” job simply because I have a more comfortable chair there than I do at home.   So I guess my genie will have to get me a really good, expensive, ergonomic desk chair for home.

I should probably ask the genie to get me a new computer since the one I have at home is nearly ten years old.

While she’s at it, she should throw in an iPad and a wifi connection for home so I can recline on the sofa in the living room when I felt like writing there.

Well, if you really pressed me and since the genie is so generous, then I would ask her to buy me a house with a separate room for writing.  Frankly, I am a little tired of having my office in the same room where I sleep.  AND while she’s at it, she could throw in another separate room as my art studio, preferably with running water and a sink.  (Hey, how much extra work for her would that be?)

And I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have that house in a neighborhood near museums and galleries and top-notch libraries and theatres, oh, and let’s not forget near some decent coffee houses and cafes (again with wireless) where I could sit and write while I do some people watching (always a good source of inspiration).

Getting back to the writing room at the house, if the genie was feeling really, REALLY creative and magnanimous,  I would ask her to give me a writing room with a view like this:

del cerro park

ljg (c) 2013
Image:  Del Cerro Park, RPV, CA, circa 2003


5 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on My Writing Space

  1. Good Lord, Girl, your bucket list is almost the same as mine though I do have a good chair and a relatively new computer. Top of my bucket list now is the Wi Fi iPad. 🙂

  2. I actually have several of those amenities, and yes, they are nice. I do find myself doing a lot of writing on the iPad. (Though my home computer is an old, slow laptop.) I do sometimes envy you your city with all of its cool resources, though.

  3. I love it, I love it, I love it, especially how you write all your wishes on a roll, each one leading to the next. Brilliant piece of writing Lori! xxx

  4. Yes – my list is very similar to yours. Well written and a delight to read.

  5. Sounds good to me too.

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