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The Write Time, Day 14: An Assessment


Here is an assessment of my experience  with The Write Time Challenge  for the last two weeks.

1)  I need the discipline of a daily writing routine.  If I don’t have it, I will just waste time screwing around on Facebook and web surfing.  It is not enough for me to be a part of the “peanut gallery”.    I need to work.
2)  I need accountability.  I can’t and I won’t write just for the sake of writing alone.   Writing for the sake of itself is a lovely idea but it is not reality for me.
3)  I am more likely to write something “good” if I have a deadline.   I would never have thought I worked better under the pressure of a daily deadline, but I do.   Not everything I posted in the last two weeks is over the top, but I am quite pleased with several of the flash fiction stories I wrote.
4)  I learned that good chemistry is highly important when you work with a group.  I used to feel that I could only work alone because of all the stupid divisiveness and petty  jealousies I have experienced in online group settings in the past.  Not so this time and the only reason I can see is that there is good chemistry with the group that participated in this project.

So, this was a highly productive and quite stimulating two week activity.   I look forward to the next time.

Thank you to all who wrote positive and encouraging comments during the past two weeks.

Miss Pelican

3 thoughts on “The Write Time, Day 14: An Assessment

  1. Thank you for your prompts and responses Lori. I enjoyed your responses. It certainly made a difference to me to check in with you, Anita Marie and Jane and to feel that I really should meet the deadline and come up with a response. I was most pleased with my capacity to come up with different approaches. Perhaps I will take a couple of the responses and rework them. For example! I was short on time and should have written an obituary for the prompt about Breaking the Rules.

  2. Interesting piece Lori. It reminded me I am actually fiddling about on Facebook when I should be writing. Thanks. I’ll disconnect the internet and get working now 🙂

  3. I was really proud of you! It was great to see the great work you did with the prompts and the support you gave to the other writers. Thank you for being there Lori.

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