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The Write-Time, Day 9: Bump


The prompt I tossed out for everyone is from Your First 1,000 Days in Writerspark:  One Thousand Tight Writing Exercises, by Bill Weiss.    It is:

“Bump.  That’s all you get for this one!.  Write 100 words or fewer that use the above word as a proper noun, noun and verb all in the same work.”



That one word could evoke a lot of stories. But the image that comes to my mind is this:

Venice High School
The Home of the Mighty Gondoliers
Gym class
Friday afternoons
And we could dance anything we wanted….

So it we bumped the Bump

Sometimes we ended up with a lot of bumps so once in a while we did the Hustle.

And let us not forget the Funky Chicken… well, maybe we should forget that.

But my personal favorite was just plain boogeying…….

2 thoughts on “The Write-Time, Day 9: Bump

  1. Don’t tell me you all weren’t bumping in your computer chairs…..

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