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The Write-Time, Day 4: The Closet


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday’s prompt: When you go to get dressed one morning, you discover that there really is a skeleton in your closet. Write this scene—discover how it got there, why it is there, what to do with it now.

The Closet

“When are you going to clean out the hall closet?!”

I rolled over in bed and tried to drown out the sound of Charlene’s nasally voice with a pillow.

“Leave me alone!” I hollered back.

Ever since my room mate Charlene moved in a couple of years ago, she has been constantly nagging me to clean out the hall closet to make room for her stuff.  I don’t know why she is making such a big deal out of this.  After all, she has the big bedroom with the big walk in closet.  I have to make do with the little bedroom and an itty-bitty tiny closet for my stuff.   She nagged me and nagged me until finally one day, about a year ago, we had a big blow out fight about it.  She let me know what she thought, and I let her know what I thought, and I figured it was all settled.  I would get to cleaning out the closet when I had time.   Still, every once in a while, she would start up again.  Like now.

“You are such a slob!”  I heard her shout.

“Fine!”   I jumped out of bed and pulled on my night robe.    I stomped into the hallway and yanked open the hall closet door.

Several large boxes of Christmas wrapping paper, my tennis racket, a bag of knitting yarn, and my boogie board came tumbling out onto the floor.   Yeah, I guess I really do need to get rid of some stuff.   A couple of more items fell out on top of the heap.

A skull and femur bone.

“I’m sorry, Charlene,” I said to the skull as I picked it up.  “I’ll get to it right away.”

ljg (c) 2013


7 thoughts on “The Write-Time, Day 4: The Closet

  1. Oh, Charlene–you son-of-a-gun!

  2. Reblogged this on cftc10.

  3. Okay, that was a pretty awesome ending there Lori! Bravo!

  4. That was magnificent! Well, played, Lori!

  5. Oh yeah! Lovely parting shot!

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