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The Write-Time, Day 2: Round-and-Round


pencilToday’s prompt comes from  Your First 1,000 Days in Writerspark: One Thousand Tight Writing Exercises by Bill Weiss.

“You are in a laundromat watching the clothes dryer go round-and-round, and suddenly……”

Round-and-Round and Sinking Down

I sat somewhat dejectedly in the dismal yellowing decay of the Laundromat.
I sat with arms crossed and stared at my underwear going around and around
behind the round glass door of the dryer.
Latex and nylon and cotton, twisting and morphing into shapes that almost looked like faces.
I thought of things going on in my life —
things that were not turning out the way I had envisioned, the regrets of not having done all the things I wanted.

As the dryer ground out a rhythmic beat, suddenly I felt myself sinking,
my plastic chair was melting into the linoleum floor.
I was going down, deep down into myself.
The sounds around me faded into the background.

I saw myself clearly then, in the deep place in my heart
I saw the things I could do, could still do.
I saw my gifts.
I saw my blessings
I saw all the roundness of my life, bursting through and surrounding me.
I felt myself lifting, pulling out of the deep place in my heart,
coming back to the light, a golden light

And saw my clothes going round and round.

ljg (c) 2012


4 thoughts on “The Write-Time, Day 2: Round-and-Round

  1. I was there when the floor ate you- dark and quiet as far as the prose is…but strong voice. Great contrast there Lori!

  2. I like…very good. It gives us all something to think about.


  3. It is the pulling back from dark thoughts that is always the challenge.

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