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Quote Me: The Fling


pianoThe question of the day is:  Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

The answer to this is a resounding “Yes.” If you have read enough of my work, you will recognize a quote I have used in the past.  It is from the old 1990’s series, Northern Exposure.  In the third season episode, “Burning Down the House,”  the character Chris Stevens, a conceptual artist, plans to fling a live cow with a catapult, but his plans are initially crushed when he learns that Monty Python had already flung a live cow.    The artist inside him is not deterred, though.  He decides to fling a piano instead.   At the town gathering to watch the piano get flung, Chris makes a statement that has stuck with me for many years:  “There is one thing I’ve learned, folks, and this is absolutely key:  it’s not the thing you fling, it’s the fling itself.”

There is nothing new or profound in this statement.  It is a variation of the adage  “it’s all about the journey, not the destination.”   Cliched as it is, it is true — at least for me.   I am not going to be a famous, well-paid writer.  Yet I write.   I am not going to have my art hanging in a museum.  Yet I make art.   I am going to keep on flinging, and like Chris says, not let the vision of being “successful” get in front of doing the work.

I really urge you to watch this scene played out.   I think it may inspire you too:

6 thoughts on “Quote Me: The Fling

  1. Very cool, Lori! I always did like that show, and Chris was probably my favorite. He dispensed wisdom on more than one occaision. I love the sentiment this expresses.

  2. We have only one life to live–so follow your heart and your dreams! Happy 2013!

  3. That piano flinging scenes has to be one of the great moments of television. It totally agree – it’s all about the fling 🙂

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