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A Recommended Book for Writers

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book imageIf you find yourself with a bit of a writer’s block, I highly recommend any of the exercises in Your First 1000 Days in Writerspark: 1000 Tight Writing Exercises.     This books provides 1000 prompts to get your writing going.  You may never show any of the results of these exercises to an audience,  but the point of the prompts is to get you to write.   Who knows — one of these prompts may be that one germ of inspiration that will get that novel started that you have always wanted to write.

Here is an example of what you will find in this book.  Exercise #1 prompts:  “Write a 100 or fewer word story, poem, or essay that contains the following elements:  thunder, watermelon seeds, a shred of cloth.”

My response:

Old Tilly sat on a rusted lawn chair outside her trailer. A lead- gray sky pressed down on her, and she listened to thunder rumble in the distance.  She stared at the heap of dried watermelon seeds  she had spat out the day before when she sat doing much the same thing as today and the day before.   Her hands fidgeted with the shred of cloth from her ragged housecoat.  She tasted the wind and wondered what trouble would visit her home today.

This book, only available in digital format, is reasonably priced at $2.99, a wonderful bargain for such a resource.

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