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We all have holiday traditions and usually they have come from our families, cultures of origin, or faith communities.  Sometimes we create our own traditions.  If you do something for long enough in an established way, it becomes a tradition.

For the last few years, I and some friends have gotten together some time just before Christmas for a “hen-fest.”    This usually involves a trip for Chinese dim sum or Moroccan food followed by gift giving and much frivolity.    In recent years, most of our nest of hens have flown the coop,  but some of us still keep up the tradition that has evolved over the years.   This year’s feast was dim sum.

dimsum 1

dimsum 2 small

What traditions have you created in your life?

ljg 2012

2 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. L. You know how to Jingle Those Bells!

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