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Haunted Castle

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notebook ringsThis is an exercise from The Write-Brain Workbook by Bonnie Neubauer.  This is supposed to be a story starter.

“Haunted Castle: You’ve been invited to spend a night at a haunted castle. List the top six things you pack.”

Here’s what I would pack.

1.  Flashlight with extra batteries
2.  EMF detector and night vision goggles
3.  Chocolate
4.  Bottle of cheap merlot
5.  Ipad loaded with the complete collection of Marx Brothers movies
6.  Lacy nightgown

Next,  “Use them all in a story.  Start with [the words] Sometimes glamour….”

This will have to wait for another day for me to write the story….

To be continued…………

Update:  I have written the story and it is HERE.


One thought on “Haunted Castle

  1. With something like this I would want to change the list of items I brought with me a lil bit. Something more along the lines of “Ghost Adventures” or “Ghost Hunters.” As it is itt could be a fun prompt!

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