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A Stirring


Last Friday, I sat at my desk weeping over the incomprehensible, soul-twisting horror of that day.

Behind the grief, though, something else stirred.

I’ve never been one to share my point of view on current issues very often because I know I don’t handle well that excoriating criticism that often comes with taking a stand on such issues.

But something stirred inside that made me realize that some things are more important than my concern about what others think.  This is no easy thing:  I may lose close friends in my life whom I know will disagree with my position.

My view of contributing towards a society of peace and non-violence may not prevail, but not even trying is not an option now.


8 thoughts on “A Stirring

  1. Lori, as you may have noticed, I don’t always think the same way some off my friends do. I am pro-life to the point that I am against abortion, the death penalty and war (and handguns/assault weapons). Most of them disagree with me on at least one of these, if not all. I am a lonely democrat with pro-life tendencies bobbing in a sea of republican friends. But we have remained friends, and good ones, because we try to focus more on what we have in common than how we are different. A real friend will do this. Granted, we rarely talk politics, since we don’t want to annoy one another, but we all know where the others stand. To my mind, true friends do focus on the things they agree on, because we are never going too agree on all things. Hey, even Pat and I disagree regularly on some of this stuff, and our oldest son will argue the other side of something just to play devils’s advocate (and annoy me), but we all end up just agreeing too disagree.
    So I think that even if some of the people you know fall by the wayside, the people who are the truest sort of friends will still be there, and if they don’t always think the same way you do, they will just agree to disagree.

    • Thank you, Jane. I hope you are right.

    • Janes right…some of me and Luis good friends and of family members are Republicans. We do talk issues but it doesn’t get nasty or intense. I think if someone ditches you because of what you say or feel? Interesting. Sounds like a lack of patience more then a lack of respect. I mean, how hard it is to listen?

      • Thank you, Anita . I am an independent and this baffles a lot of people . My progressive friends think I am a conservative . My conservative friends think I am a liberal. The truth is that I want the freedom to support the causes and candidates I believe in without being “unfaithful” to a party’ s platform. I have a pro-life stance towards abortion but I do not support the death penalty . Regarding guns, I support the second amendment, but with a focus on the “well regulated” part. My gun owning friends just don’ t get that— yet.

  2. I couldn’t say it any better than Jane already has. My private long-standing “Grown up Christmas Wish” is world peace. I know I may never see it in my lifetime, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do what I can to promote it, right?

  3. The stance you are taking is brave and true Lori for it comes from your heart. If so called friends feel they can not be your friend any more because you are brave enough to go against the mainstream view, maybe their friendship was always a fickle thing.
    I watched an insightful program on TV last night where several learned experts (Australian) discussed American gun culture. I now see that the problem of getting those countless numbers of weapons of the streets is immense. It is good though that Obama is taking a stand. My hope is that this tragedy can start a meaningful discussion about gun laws and the treatment of the mentally ill in your country and across the planet. Lets hope positive change can come from this.

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