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Birth Pangs

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pencilI have an idea for a short story, but for some reason I just can’t give birth to it.

My story line is basically this:  a failed creative is approached by a stranger who gives her advice to get over her failure and to move on.  I have both characters identified.  I have the setting firmly envisioned in my mind.  However, I am stuck on where to take the arc of the story.  Even in the shortest of flash stories there needs to be some sort of trigger, quest, twist, climax and conclusion.  And I don’t even know what “advice” the stranger needs to give the heroine.

I’ve gone into a form of painful literary labor and this story is pushing to come out.

Any ideas to get this baby born would be appreciated.  Thanks.

ljg 2012


One thought on “Birth Pangs

  1. No advice, but plenty of sympathy.

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