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At first I was going to make this post a rant about the difficulties I have been having with various types of technology, most recently a problem with a computer and an e-reader.  However, I figured I would have to censor my own post and apply an R rating for bad language, not to mention possibly insulting a lot of hard-working call-center people who had the misfortune of getting me on the line.

Then I thought I would write about my occasional desire to be a Luddite and return to a day and age before the headaches of  modern technology — but then I concluded that electricity and running water and the internal combustion engine are things I cannot honestly live without.

That thought led me straight to this:  what a self-centered first-world bourgie old bat I’ve become. 

There are civil wars, starvation, and exploitation happening all over the world.  We are about to be driven off the fiscal cliff by a few myopic politicians who are holding a country hostage.   I have close colleagues who are sick with horrible illnesses but who are coping with amazing grace and fortitude.   There is a freight train of serious stuff hurdling down the rails at us and what am I doing about it?  Nothing.  No, I’m whining because my stupid operating system has a hiccup.

My priorities have gotten seriously screwed up and I need a realignment.

ljgloyd (c) 2012


2 thoughts on “Realignment

  1. Thank you for the reality check, Lori. I recently had one of my own last week regarding how we should really be celebrating the holiday.

  2. We all need to realign at times and to look around and tell ourselves that that are others so much worse off than we are. It is human nature though to sometimes feel sorry for ourselves and to long for the good old days but then, when we really think about them, were they thatgood?

    Have a great holiday season, my friend.


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