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Sycamore in the Rain


sycamore in the rain
“Sycamore in the Rain”

I was struck by this western sycamore tree in the cold rain of this late autumn morning.  There is a feminine energy emanating from it:  wisdom, solidness, firmness, richness.  It is soaking up the rain and pulling nutrients from the dark soil and the decay of dropped leaves.  It is so like some of us:  preparing for the long, dark winter as we prepare for the potential of rough times ahead.  Yet it also resting and gathering strength for rebirth in spring time — as do we.

Image:  ljgloyd (c) 2012


3 thoughts on “Sycamore in the Rain

  1. This is a tree I’d like to speak to and hug. It says so much if one is open to its message.


  2. By the pricking of my thumbs… 🙂

  3. I like the way you capture the season and the cycle of tree life. The tree itself portrays a great strength.

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