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Writing and Resonance


I worked myself into a panic last night.  After I so cavalierly made the proclamation that I would make a blog post every day, I did  not imagine that after only one post I would be struggling to come up with another idea for the next post.  I figured I have a least three days before the well went dry.   As a result, I started going through my usual sources for writing prompts.

I came up with nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Every prompt that presented itself to me left me flat and uninspired.  Worse, I felt resentment about having to rely on prompts.   I just could not see myself writing about, for example,  what I like or dislike about some geographic location, or my most fearful moment, or what I have in my bedroom closet.  None of these prompts resonated for me.

Then I began to think about what things DO resonate for me, and equally important, what might resonate for my readers.   I use the term ‘resonate’ quite a bit.  If you blog and I have commented on your blog, I probably have used the word “resonate” once or twice if I really liked what you posted.   For me, the word resonate means this:   that idea which keeps vibrating and echoing in my mind and heart after I have experienced it, like the sound of a bell — not the sweet tingling of a little silver bell.  No, I mean the full, deep, sonorous rumble of a giant bronze temple bell that when it sounds, vibrates through your very soul.

What are some of those things that echo in my being and inspire me toward creative expression?  Some of them include:  dynamic dead people,  poetry about nature, spiritual stuff, spooky stuff, cooking, cats, tomatoes from my backyard, herbs, oils, saints and sinners, Baja, UFO’s, old western ghost towns, little burros that roam old western ghost towns, earthquakes, odd weather, the moon and stars,  archaeology (especially archaeology that involves guys with bullwhips and fedoras), watercolor crayons, Joseph Campbell, hobbits and elves, Captain Picard, art museums, Jungian Depth Psychology, street fairs, my town, the demise of the Twinkie, writing about writing, and Korean Friendship Bells.

What resonates for you? I’d like to know.

LJGloyd (Pelican1) 2012

Photo by me of the Korean Friendship Bell, Angel Gate Park, San Pedro.


4 thoughts on “Writing and Resonance

  1. I like the word resonate. It carries a lot of meaning, doesn’t it? What resonates for me? I’ll have to think about that. Good one, Lori – I like things that make me think.

  2. What resonates with me? Today it is the wind chimes going wild with weather. It is a deeply resonating wind chime with deep pipes that go on and on. Today everything stormy in my backyard resonates with me!

  3. That’s quite a list. I look forward to reading your writings on many of those topics. The names alone are intriguing. What is Baja? Who is Captain Picard? What archeology involves bullwhips and Fedoras? I’m hooked. Please keep blogging. 🙂

    • Baja California is a state in Mexico. I used to spend a lot of time in a beach house down there. Captain Picard: Star Trek. Bullwhip and Fedora: Indiana Jones, of course.

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