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The Detritus of My Mind


At the urging of one of my online writing buddies, I am going to try blogging about something every day.  I am usually writing something every day anyway — either at some social networking forum, or at work (writing is writing no matter where or about what you are writing), or in my journal.  So what’s so hard about putting something on my blog?  Right?

Well, here’s the thing about that:  I’ve never really felt like I could properly blog every day.  When I blog, I feel like it has to be a little more “perfected”, carefully crafted and suitable for an audience, some topic or idea of profound interest to the world.   Blogging for me is like submitting a paper to a teacher in school and that blog post will be surveyed by every reader with a more critical eye.  So what if I went out on a limb and just posted the detritus of my mind without concern of what anybody thought.  Would you guys be okay with that?

As I make my daily posts, I don’t want to be making announcements everyday on FaceBook or the yahoo group of writers I belong about each daily post.  Therefore, if you are interested in following what I say, maybe you can subscribe to this blog.  (If you have never tried out Google Reader as a way to follow your favorite blogs, I urge you to try it out. It is useful tool for that.)

So with all this being said, thus ends my first daily post.


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17 thoughts on “The Detritus of My Mind

  1. Good luck! I tried blogging every day in October; it started off being really difficult, but by the end I was really enjoying it and found I had no trouble finding things to talk about. Of course, I kind of cheated, since I share the blog with my writing partner, so every day meant every other day for me…still, it’s fun. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Like you Lori, I’m conflicted about blogging. Still haven’t made my mind up yet….this week am back working so zero writing done, plus the weather has turned very cold and I am more inclined to spin and knit for my family…looks like my writing may be on another hiatus! 🙂

  3. This makes sense to me – that is why I don’t blog more often myself. But I will be delighted to read what you blog – and more power to you to blog every day!

  4. Yes I can’t keep up the daily blog. I try and get at least one post up a week. The photo challenges are a great way of keeping the blog active without having to stress to much over content when life is full on. I like the WordPress Reader for blogs I follow.

  5. I have tried to be similiarly ambitious…I would love to read your blog no matter what it looks like and have subscribed.

  6. I’m OK with that 🙂 about to subscribe.

  7. Congratulations Lori! More power to you. I am not sure that I will post on a daily basis but I am back to blogging on Just Nous and will see where it takes me.

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