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There is much to be said about the sweetness of doing nothing. Despite what guilt-ridden workaholics might say or think, it is imperative that we take a step back from time-to-time and let our bodies rest and our interior worlds be dormant.

According to traditional Chinese cosmology, our energetic bodies respond to seasonal energies. Spring and Summer are “yang” with life emerging and coming to fruition. Autumn and Winter are “yin”, a time of harvest and repose. (I have discussed this a bit at my “Return to the Garden” blog.)

For me, it is late Spring. My tomato and squash plants are a lively green with flowers and tiny fruit coming forth. My physical self is becoming more active and craving the sunny outdoors. My interior life is much the same. I survived a winter’s doldrum, where my spirit and emotions laid in frozen silence, but now I am starting to produce fruit again — through writing, art, and other expressive forms. And I ask myself “what more can I plant now?”

For those readers entering autumn, it is time to harvest and clear out the weeds. It is the time to become introspective and ask “what have I accomplished? What can I prepare for in the future?” It is the season to prepare your soil for the “greening” to come in a few short months. That greening, or viriditas, is more than mere mutability. Greening is a change towards outward expansion. So as our gardens grow, so do our souls and spirits.

Viriditas was a favorite theme of the Abbess Hildegard von Bingen. Much of her writing, art, and musical compositions were infused with this notion of abundant life. Sit back now and let her composition, O nobilissima viriditas, bring you to a lush, green place in your mind’s eye.

Start preparing your soil.

O most noble greenness, whose roots are in the sun,
and who shines with true serenity of light
on the wheel,
whom no earthly excellence
contains….    Hildegard von Bingen


8 thoughts on “Greening

  1. Lovely stuff. Despite the fact that it is spring, Pat and I are going to head out on a vacation in a few weeks, and we plan to do …. nothing. We have had a long fall and winter, and need to have a little stretch of dormancy to come back out and thrive!

  2. Nice one. You really have a great way of using multi-media in your posts, the music was lovely.

  3. We are struggling here to leave winter behind us although we are well into spring – I can feel the effect this is having on my self – not ready yet to leave hibernation, it is the same for many I speak with here – we are still waiting for the sun to return. A lovely,lovely post and such beautiful, restorative music.

  4. I do love everything connected with the notion of Greening.

  5. beautiful music. Although I’ve heard of Hildegard, it’s the first time I’ve heard any of her music

  6. Autumn here in Oz, and yes, I am feeling very reflective these days, and enjoying ‘the sweetness of doing nothing’ as the nights draw in and the coolness is such a relief after a humid summer.

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