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We speak a lot about inspiration when we discuss creativity.  We discuss how ideas come to us, but something we do not often bring into that discussion is the notion of passion.    Once we get that idea, what do we do with it?   What is the motivation that carries us to final product?  What takes us through the process?

I know for myself that when I become inspired and get an idea for a bit of writing or an image, I cannot wait to get started.  If an idea blossoms,  I might be motivated to work until maybe one or two in the morning. Sometimes an idea will shake me awake at about three a.m.,  and I’ll write or art until the hour forces me to get dressed and leave for work.   Sometimes I’ll get to my job, and I can’t wait until my lunch break so I can continue working on the project.   When this passion fires up,  it  propels me through to the end.  Quite often the works that are forged by these fires are  some of the best pieces I have created.

In Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk  (which you can view on the Just Nous blog),  she speaks about inspiration being a force outside of ourselves.  It is the daemon, the genius, or the transcendent reality that operates beyond the rim of our own internal world and supplies the ideas for our creative works.  Passion, on the other hand,  is that energy that comes AFTER we receive the inspiration.   I believe that passion is something we dig up from within and add to the mix.   We supply the fire that fuels our passion to the end.    We need both inspiration from without and passion from within if we are to truly engage in the creative process.

Below is another TED lecture.  This one is given by author Isabel Allende.  In her lecture,  she talks about this passion.  She talks about heart.  She asks “What is truer than truth?  The story,”  she answers.  Allende believes that the heart, which is the seat of passion, is the motivator by which stories are told and change is accomplished.

I invite you to listen to her remarks about passion and the creative process.


5 thoughts on “Passion

  1. Isabel Allende is clearly passionate and speaks with heart about those issues that are so dear to her.

  2. Ms Allende has the passion and speaks the truth. I couldn’t help but think while listening to her speak, about what is going on here in the USA right now. The two political parties who are in a bitter fight for the Presidency. God help us all and especially women if the right wingers win. The War on Women is a fact and they, the right wingers, have no feelings about cutting off health care for poor women, about contraception as it pertains to poor women’s health issues. They want to cut Social Security and Medicare which by the way we have paid for throughout our working lives. I am one of the lucky ones. I have good health insurance, but these clowns on Capital Hill want to cut Medicaid which provides health care for the poor, men and women, though mostly women. And food stamps; As one of our right wingers stated, Let them go get a job. Eighty and ninety year olds who are frail, sick, and homebound are supposed to go out and find work. Where’s the passion? Where’s the hope? Yes, Ms. Allende speaks the truth. She has the passion and the voice to speak about the potential. God Bless her and the women she speaks about.

    Perhaps this piece is too political to post here. If it is then I will understand if it has to be removed. At least it gave me a moment to vent my feelings.


  3. These are very thought provoking ideas. Sometimes I find passion is something I have to consciously generate. I was getting really jaded about life before I started my recent travels – now I feel all fired and bursting with ideas and creative energy again. Not that everyone needs to travel of course – I guess being a nomad suits my short attention span – lol. There’s always something new to do.

  4. I never thought of the creative process in this way before, but you’re absolutely right! I’ve often felt this passion myself, and a number of times have produced pieces I’m quite proud of.

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